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I am going to have to keep this short because I only have 20 minutes of internet time at the hostel where I am staying. But I know that many of you are eagerly waiting for some gossip from the world premiere of The Black Dahlia so I am writing down a little bit of my experience.

I arrived to Venice’s Lido island, where the festival is held, at 1pm. I had not slept during the previous night because my plane left so early and I figured it was better to wait at the airport than book a night in a hotel for basically nothing. On top of this, I had travelled in a train for 6 hours to get to Liverpool, where I flew from. So considering this, I was suprisingly “sober”, lol. The main premiere of The Black Dahlia was invitation only and there was only one other screening of the film, during the same evening, two hours later. I was scared that I had missed my chance to see The Black Dahlia because the booking had already started the previous day. Thankfully I got my ticket, had breakfast/lunch and then headed for the red carpet. When I first arrived there, there was not many fans waiting. Not more than 15-20. But it got quite growded fast – after all, this was the opening night of the Venice Film Festival!

So I waited outside the red carpet from about 2pm to 6pm before any action took place at all. There were some sounds of thunder and dark clouds but thankfully we managed to keep from getting wet. After waiting for four hours, I was tired and bored out of my wits, to put it gently. At 6pm the paparazzi got restless and some Italian celebrities started pouring in. A little before 7pm (when the premiere was supposed to start), the Venice Film Festival jury, including festival director Marco Muller, Catherine Deneuve and Cameron Crove, arrived and the fans got crazy! After doing some interviews and posing for the photographers, the jury went inside the Sala Grande. Then some of the organisers informed us that the stars are late and that the premiere might be delayed for an hour. So we waited for nearly an hour. The photographers looked pretty pissed off and there were constant sighs from the fans (some of them had waited for nearly 10 hours) and organizers. I remember that the first time that I went to the festival in 2004, the Finding Neverland premiere was delayed and Marco Muller was heavily critised in the press for it.

Finally, around 7.30, the black cars rolled on the red carpet. I had already heard that Hilary Swank had had to cancel her appearance and Mia Kirshner “replaced” her on the red carpet. Mia and Josh Harnett arrived first out of the cast of The Black Dahlia. The fans went absolutely crazy over Josh! It felt like I was in a rock show, with everyone screaming and humping my back since I was in the front row. Some fan beside me said to Josh: “You are a beautiful, beautiful boy” in a cute Italian accent and Josh blushed in embarrasment and stuttered a thank you. It was hilarious! He signed a lot of autographs and I managed to get some decent shots of him. I don’t think many of the fans recognized Mia Kirshner at all and I did not hear anyone shouting her name. I have always enjoyed her work so I called her name but she did not hear me. I think she signed a few autographs too but sadly not anywhere near my spot. But Mia looked absolutely stunning! Other arrivals included Brian De Palma, Aaron Eckhart and James Ellroy but I did not see them sign any autographs.

Scarlett, accompanied by mother Melanie Johansson, was the last one to arrive. If the growd was obsessed with Josh, they got even wilder because of her! I have followed Scarlett’s career since quite early on and it was during this moment that I realised what a huge star she truly is today. The crowd loved her and she loved them back, giving away big smiles. Scarlett looked truly radiant! She signed autographs for what must have been at least 10 minutes, more than any of the other celebrities. And she circled around the red carpet, making sure that people in the corners had a chance too. Melanie looked very proud of her daughter. As some of you mentioned, Scarlett and Josh kept their distance on the red carpet. I think it is a positive sign because they could have promoted the movie by getting engaged or something, and sensationalising their relationship in the press but instead they kept it professional and classy – not that they would do anything sleazy but some other celebrities undoubtedly would!

Sadly I was left empty handed. None of my Scarlett photos turned out very good and she missed the spot where I was waiting with my Bobby Long DVD. I guess I have a really bad luck with Scarlett and getting an autograph because I have seen her three times now really close and even talked to her once but I have always missed out on an autograph. Oh well. I don’t regret the wait but I am not saying that I will willingly do it again anytime soon! I found it an interesting experience but I cannot help but feel a little disappointed.

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