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The Other Boleyn Girl has a new estimated release date – December 21, 2007. It seems like our summer 2007 will be Scarlett free – unless there will be news regarding her album.

4 Comments to "Boleyn Girl Release Date"
  1. Mycah says:

    Quite a change from last summer!

  2. econchino says:

    well she said in some interview last fall during the filming of TOBG that she was was spending a lot of time in the studio recording so you have to figure that the album is done or nearly done by now. if i’m right then we should at least be seeing a video this summer. probably a low budget artsy thing like that bob dylan video.

  3. ScarlettSkies says:

    aww.. :sad: well,just hoping it will be a nice Christmas present then…

  4. Phil In Reno says:

    Oh now this stinks! Scarlett is doing all of thiese Magazine covers and interviews for The Nanny Diaries and the movie got moved back six months! This is NOT good. The same thing happened to Jennifer Connelly with Dartk Water and the movie bombed.

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