Apr 14th, 2007

I have added a lot of scans and all of the rest of the missing talk show captures to the gallery today. Special thanks to Maria and Mycah for their contributions! I still have a lot of scans in my inbox waiting to be added on my next update. Thank you in advance to all of the fans from around the world who have been sending them in… Your help really means a lot! We now have over 30,000 photos in gallery – with lots more waiting to be added, so stay tuned! :grin:

InStyle Beauty (Germany) – Spring/Summer 2007
Glamour (UK) – May 2007
Seventeen (US) – May 2007 (original HQ scans)
GQ (Russia) – April 2007
Park Avenue (Germany) – April 2007
Annabelle Mann (Switzerland) – March 28, 2007

Talk Shows:
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2 Comments on “New Scans and TV Caps

  1. econchino

    great job riikka this is the best scarlett fansite on the internet. you and the other contributors are doing an amazing job. :smile:

  2. Angie

    That’s a lot of caps, hehe. Lovin’ all the scans — some of the photoshoots used I haven’t seen before. Gorgeous. :heart:

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