Apr 17th, 2007

According to the New York Post, Scarlett Johansson wants the role of the No. 1 actress and pin-up of World War II, Betty Grable.

Not that there’s necessarily at this precise moment a script already written, greenlighted and ready to go about bandleader trumpet player Harry James’ movie star wife. This generation’s hotshot beauty just knows she wants to play the part.

Go for it, Scarlett, I say! Betty Grable still remains one of my most beloved Hollywood actresses and I feel Scarlett has the charisma, talent and looks to create a respectful portrayal of Betty.

4 Comments on “Scarlett Wants to Play Betty Grable

  1. Mycah

    This would be amazing, I love Betty and I think Scarlett would be fantastic playing her!

  2. econchino

    this could be a very good role for her, especially since shes now to old to play betsy in napoleon and betsy.

  3. Steven Flores

    Any idea on who will write and direct it?

  4. Riikka

    Steven – No, no idea yet.

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