May 1st, 2007

I have finally finished editing and uploading the Saturday Night Live videos. A total of eight clips can now be found here. Unfortunately my Windows Movie Maker is acting up so there is some strange picture delay in the beginning of the videos. I am sorry about that but I have no idea how to fix it and believe me, I tried several times. :wink:

Well, without futher ados – happy viewing!

5 Comments on “SNL Videos

  1. dzie vyashu

    Riikka, THANK YOU SOO MUUCH !!!! Show is INCREDIBLE !!! Scarlett is BRILLIANT. As usual, though.

    P.S.: You got to get yourself some marble columns … :cute:

  2. Filip

    Scarlett has really got that comedic timing, she’s hilarious! She appearing on SNL this (and last) year has made me love her even more! Thanks for the videos.

  3. Chloe

    Thanksssss for your hard work Riikka :heart:

  4. Steve Reeve

    The problem with the videos can be solved very easily. Don’t use Windows Movie Maker, hahahaha. If you need a better video editor I can ‘loan’ you one. :cute:

  5. Riikka

    Steve – please do! My email is :grin:

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