May 13th, 2007

The lovely Mycah has donated another batch of lovely Scarlett icons, this time related to Ghost World, Lost in Translation and her various event appearances. Check them out in the Fan Archive!

9 Comments on “Movie and Event Icons

  1. Sarah

    Gorgeous as usual :heart:

  2. econchino

    hey riikka, i noticed something in the gallery that i thought you might be interested in. in the studio shoots section for 2002 there is a group called unkown 001, i saw them for the first time today and i was sure i had seen them before. i looked around the other section for 2002 and in the magazine section there is the vanity fair march issue picture. that is what the unknown photos look like. i think they may have been taken as part of the herb ritz shoot for vanity fair. it looks like she is wearing the same shirt in both photos. i figured posting this coment here would be simpler than sending you an email. great work on the gallery, it won’t be long before you have every picture ever taken of scarlett posted in high quality.

  3. Riikka

    Thanks for the heads up, I shall look into it. :grin:

  4. samwa

    I still love the layout because it always make me feel happy! :biggrin:

  5. Giulia

    I’m desperatly searching for a larger version of the icons number 1,6 and 92..
    Where can I fin them?
    Thank you so much..

  6. Riikka

    All of the photos can be found in the gallery. :smile:

  7. Giulia

    i’m sorry but.. I can’t find them!!!

  8. Mycah

    Giulia: I didn’t make larger versions if you are looking for that (with effects and all)

    All photographs are from so they are there I asure you!

  9. Giulia

    Found them! Thanks!

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