May 23rd, 2007

The gallery has been updated with a new-ish photoshoot: outtakes from Scarlett’s recent Seventeen magazine appearance. Be sure to register/log in to view the lovely pics.

8 Comments on “Seventeen Photoshoot

  1. Sandra

    Ohh! Me loves! So jealous of that blonde, flowy, wavy hair… :heart: That third picture is just to die for. Thank you for the beautiful photos!

  2. Alain

    Thanks a lot for posting those new finds. Keep up your nice work.

  3. Scarlettfan

    Beautiful photos. I think this is one of my fave shoots of her. Just cos’ it’s so simple and she looks stunning.

  4. Sarah

    Omg, she looks so divine. :heart: Gorgeous! Thanks Riikka!

  5. Filip

    Whoa! Scarlett looks absolutely gorgeous in these photos! :heart: What a young and fresh look! Love them.

  6. CarolJohansson

    She’s perfect. Just LOVE her! :mad:

  7. CarolJohansson

    Wrong face. :heart:

  8. soothing_light

    thanks a lot, Riikka!!! scarlett is so amazing!!! :heart:
    you both did great work!!!

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