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Besides starting to film Woody Allen’s newest film next month, there has not been a whole lot going on with Scarlett Johansson recently, atleast not in the public eye. I assume she is currently cutting her first album and preparing for her new role.

Regarding recent magazine coverage, Scarlett was on the cover of You magazine (The Mail On Sunday) a week back with a great article regarding her recent trip to India. She’s also currently featured in the new issue of teen mag Bliss. Both of these are British magazines and we will have scans up shortly.

Here’s an excerpt from the You article, which mentions that Scarlett was approached by Al Gore to help in publicising next month’s Live Earth concert. So perhaps we’ll be seeing her there – unless she’ll already be filming in Spain.

She won’t be drawn on this possible film project, but she does share another message, from Al Gore. That’s former US vice president Al Gore, asking for Scarlett’s help in publicising Live Earth, July’s big Live Aid-style global concert to draw attention to climate change.

Last but not least, I should be back online within a week or two so look out for regular updates to resume soon. Meanwhile, I’ve updated the style quotes and beauty bag with a lot of new information. And check out the gallery for new L’Oreal and Louis Vuitton ads. Thanks so much to everyone who sent in these! Much appreciated. :smile:

3 Comments to "News Catch-up for June"
  1. kira says:

    That new Loreal pic is just divine. Thanks for all the wonderful updats you do, you have pretty much the best celeb website out there atm!

  2. Kojirô says:

    I’ll be looking forward to see ms Johansson when she gets to Barcelona. I am from Barcelona, so I’ll try to take some pics and send them to you guys.

  3. Riikka says:

    Thanks so much, guys!

    Kojirô, I would really appreciate any pics or Spanish scoop regarding the film. Good luck in spotting Scarlett! :smile:

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