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As earlier reported, the filming of the Woody Allen Spanish Project (aka Midnight in Barcelona) began today and took place outside a restaurant in Paseo Joan de Borbon in Barceloneta, Barcelona. Scarlett appeared on the set around mid-day, wearing a beige shirt and denim coat with brown khaki pants. She was being filmed while her snapping pictures of the scenery.

The filming will take place for the total of seven weeks, with one week of work in Asturias and a day in New York, and will receive public aids from Barcelona’s Ministry of Culture.

Click here to view a video of Scarlett in action (courtesy of our Spanish reporter DoubleT). I’ve also updated the gallery with 12 79 HQs from the set.

For further details regarding the filming, please refer to the following articles in Spanish language: Terra.es, Cooperativa.cl and Eluniverso.com.

3 Comments to "Spanish Project: Day One"
  1. dzie vyashu says:

    Scarlett is so wonderful !!!

  2. Marcos says:

    Hi , riikka!
    I send you a new amazing photo of this first day at Barcelona check your mail.
    I think the name of the movie is , in spanish, “una carta de amor”( a love letter )

  3. M says:

    Just got back from Barcelona and thought I would mention that we saw Woody Allen and his family who were staying at our hotel (Hotel Arts). Given the number of bodyguards there I believe that Scarlett is probably staying there as well though we did not see her.

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