Jul 26th, 2007
The gallery has been updated with 18 shots of Scarlett on the set in Barcelona with Woody Allen. These were taken yesterday, July 25, 2007.

DoubleT has informed us that next week the film will shooting in Asturias (northwest region of Spain). For more information on the future filming locations, please check this thread.

On the Set > July 25, 2007

3 Comments on “Spanish Project: Day 13

  1. CarolJohansson

    She’s stunning!
    She’s not like those celebrities that just look good in photoshoots with tons of makeup.
    She’s naturally beautiful!


  2. eme

    it looks like she has bruises on both her arms?
    stunning anyway!

  3. Jess

    it’s absolutely gorgeous! i love the pictures and the colours … & the roll-over thing on the navigation :tongue: GREAT job girls :smile:

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