Aug 9th, 2007
I’ve added pictures of Scarlett strolling around Barcelona, Spain with Penelope Cruz while filming the new Woody Allen project. These were snapped yesterday. I really adore Scarlett’s look and you can also see her new tattoo there.

And thanks to econchino, Jay, Enric, Olga and Marcos, we now have the Eight Legged Freaks Press Conference pictures back in the gallery! Much appreciated, guys!

On the Set > August 8, 2007
Eight Legged Freaks Press Conference

4 Comments on “Scarlett and Penelope in Barcelona

  1. CahKapranos

    :cool: She looks amazing!
    Love her clothes! But she was always looking down. :frown:

  2. eme

    she looks great there exceot for those shoes

    by the way what is that painting, plaster or whatever it is she always has on her left arm in candids?

  3. ScarlettSkies

    Those don’t really look like on set photos, more like candids. Anyway, it’s a shame she’s looking down. :sad: I know her aversion for paparazzis but her attitude is only encouraging them to continue. She looks good in those clothes though!

    :heart: Scarlett!

  4. Jordy

    is that a real tattoo? i’m curious to see what it is, i think she looks much better without it

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