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First of all, I came across gorgeous, vintage themed outtakes of Scarlett’s recent Saturday Night Live promos. 28 pics have been added in the gallery. Be sure to log in to view them!

I’ve also updated with 7 pictures from yesterday’s filming of Woody Allen Spanish Project, as well as a bunch from August 7.

4 Comments to "SNL Photoshoot & Spanish Project: Day 26"
  1. CahKapranos says:

    :heart: Scarlett is always so beautiful… I guess she’s not human. She’s perfect! :tongue:

  2. DoubleT says:

    Thanls Riika :-)

    Last week they were in Barcelona, not in Oviedo 😉

  3. fragileangel says:

    Only one word…Brilliant!! :heart:
    Thanks Riikka

  4. Jordy says:

    wow :heart: she’s so gorgeous! thanks for the pics Rikka

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