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Happy The Nanny Diaries day! After all of those release date changes, Scarlett’s newest film finally opens today in North America. The critics’ reviews have been mixed but I’d rather hear what the fans think of the film and Scarlett’s performance. So be sure to head out to see it and let us know your opinion!

You can check out the reviews thread over at the forum to read more of the critics’ thoughs. I’ve included a few here that mention Scarlett:

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Johansson is game. There’s nothing to criticize in this performance, but there’s nothing to get excited about, either. It’s solid though uninspired work.

From Charlotte Observer:

Johansson, hair dyed brown to make her seem less glamorous, spices up this bland role.

From Variety:

Johansson, for her part, essays an engaging heroine, though even with mousy brown hair and Casual Corner wardrobe, she’s far too voluptuously beautiful for the job, like a Tiffany necklace in a brown paper bag.

From Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

Although Johansson has a knack for nailing most roles, the angry yet fun-loving nanny doesn’t quite work for her.

Mycah has sent in a bunch of amazing goodies. These include three The Nanny Diaries related videos from ET. The most interesting one is from August 22. In it we get to see some of Nicholas Art’s audition with Scarlett and she is also interviewed briefly. Mycah also made captures from all of these news segments. Last but not least, we’ve added two more stills.

Happy downloading!

8 Comments to "The Nanny Diaries Opens Today!"
  1. econchino says:

    thank you mycah and riikka

  2. dzie vyashu says:

    Hi, Riikka !

    I have problems with viewing media again… (Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/scarlett/public_html/video/lang/russian.php on line 66)
    Please, help me…

    Thanks In Advance

  3. Jaina says:

    I’m really excited about the movie, too bad about the reviews though :/ Seemed like a fun flick,

  4. Josh says:

    i was very pleasantly surprised by the nanny diaries. i enjoyed it very much. scarlett of course is stunning and paul giamatti is brilliant. i thought it was quite original and entertaining.

  5. KeiraM says:

    I can’t wait to go see The Nanny Diaries. Thanks for posting this up so I remember that it came out today! :smile
    Just a comment on the reviews; don’t let it be upsetting. It’s always the bst films with the bad reviews and the crap films with the ridiculous overglorification. I’m sure Scarlett’s performanc is wonderful. It’s just that people expect a nanny to look a certain way and they only want to see Scarlett look like the glamazon that media has painter her to be.

  6. dzie vyashu says:

    Riikka, i’ve turned aside my troubles…

    Can’t wait to watch the Movie !!!
    SCARLETT is incredible… There is nothing else to say,,,

    SHE is a “Goddess Alive” !!!

  7. Riikka says:

    dzie vyashu – Can you try again for me? :smile:

  8. ScarlettSkies says:

    Thanks for the ET videos Riikka. :smile: Let’s hope the film isn’t as bad as what reviews and critics say.

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