Aug 29th, 2007

I am leaving for Venice tomorrow but Mariana and Mycah will kindly be looking after the site while I am gone.

Scarlett will also be appearing on GMA on Friday. Here’s a reminder of the media alerts:

Good Morning America (GMA) – August 31, 2007
Late Night with Conan O’Brien – August 31, 2007

Remember to go out and see The Nanny Diaries this weekend! :wink:

By the way, I generally do not make off-topic announcements but this is to help a dear friend and site staffer. If you like our current site and/or gallery designs created by Mycah of Purple Haze Inc, be sure to order your own, unique layout from her! Mycah really needs the help right now and after all that she’s done for the site, I really hope you guys will join me in supporting her venture by placing an order over at Purple Haze Inc. :smile:

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Official that will not be to Venice?

yes i will love to know too….

anyway enjoy Venise!!


Have a nice time in Venice Riikka! You will be indeed missed :smile: I really wish I had paypal accounts and enough money to order since dollars are like $30 here.Best of possible lucks to Mycah.Also good luck to Mycah and Mariana on looking over :smile:


I hope you have a great time in Venice Riikka, even without Scarlett. :smile:


Wow; Scarlett did not want to be on Conan last night. She looked phenomenal; but you could tell that she’d rather have been in bed. I love her.

lool any video about this show?

there are a new interviewed of her made that Chuck the MovieGuy, i find it yesterday night:

She is sooooo beautiful!! I love her, her laugh, and her beautiful smile ^^

i can’t wait to see her on Conan! if someone had a Youtube Link it will be welcome!!

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