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I am back from my trip to Venice. As you probably heard, Scarlett Johansson did not attend the film festival. Only the directors were present to promote The Nanny Diaries. She did, however, appear on Conan O’Brien and GMA after filming additional scenes for The Other Boleyn Girl in England. I have added a lot related photos and videos for you to enjoy! Thanks to Mycah, Aloxite and everyone else for the help and contributions!

Scarlett also recently filmed a promotional clip for WYOU, Madison’s non-profit community access television station. I’ve also added its caps and the video.

The Other Boleyn Girl On the Set
The Nanny Diaries Making of Captures
WYOU Commercial
Outside Good Morning America
Good Morning America
Conan O’Brien
Woody Allen Spanish Project On the Set > August 26, 2007

GMA Interview
Conan O’Brien Interview
Chuck the Movie Guy Interview
The Nanny Diaries Making of
WYOU Commercial

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