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I’ve updated with a set of pictures of Scarlett on the set of He’s Just Not That Into You yesterday. It looks like she was not too keen on being photographed, hence I only added a couple of shots to showcase her look.

On the Set > September 11, 2007

3 Comments to "HJNTIY – Day Two"
  1. Filip says:

    Scarlett looks great, too bad there weren’t any photos of that beautiful face of hers. Can’t wait to see more from this movie.

  2. AnaAlves says:

    Yeah. She’s so beautiful. If I had that face, I wouldn’t hide it. But she’s working so much and having many paparazzis around may be stressing. :frown:

  3. Lexyane says:

    yeah i love those pics, her hair is reallly really beautiful!
    I enjoy them like that!

    Even if I miss her face and her beautiful smile…i can’t wait to see pics of her with Jennifer Aniston!

    Je les aime toutes les deux =)

    à bientot!

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