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W magazine launched its first ever I-List in its October issue. What is an I-List you ask? It stands for Influential list, where W naming the most influential people and places shaping today’s fashion and style. Instead of just featuring rich celebrities and models, the list includes doctors, lawyers, successful business women and men, environmentalists and of course fashion designers. Winners include Scarlett Johansson for Throwing Curves, Anne Hathaway for being The Anti-Lindsay, and Vera Wang for being the High-Low Queen. Here’s what they had to say about Scarlett:

Throwing Curves – Scarlett Johansson: for maintaining her bombshell proportions that set her apart from her cookie-cutter contemporaries.

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  1. Kira says:

    I know you don’t often post paparazzi pics, but I thought I’d let u know that there are pics of Scarlett and Ryan holding hands at an airport over at Justjared.com. Looks like they’ve finally gone public! I’m guessing they didn’t mind being photographed and must have made a conscious decision to show the world that they’re together…cos’ they must have known the paps would have been there!

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