Sep 25th, 2007

The Nanny Diaries finally has a UK release date! Scarlett’s British fans will get to see her on the big screen as Annie from October 12, 2007 onwards. Be sure to check out IMDb to see when the movie will open in your country. :smile:

5 Comments on “The Nanny Diaries UK Release Date

  1. Lexyane

    and of course NO French date…. >__

  2. MannyJG

    we┬┤ll have to wait quite a long time to watch it in Spain, is one of the latest release dates!November 30!
    I wish I lived in USA…(Type/sad:)

  3. richa

    Check out spock as well for pictures you can vote on of Scarlett. For each photo, you get to decide whether it’s a good picture or not:

  4. Bellie

    Ugh.Southamerica gets US movies sooo late :grr:

  5. w4ff3l

    on imdb there is no info about release in Poland, but i know!
    in Poland movie will be showed 2007-12-28! this is mad! but when i saw NL release date i thought, that, not only Polish distributors are mad:PP

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