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Eva Mendes chatted to about The Spirit and working with Scarlett Johansson on My Brother the Pig:

Q: What about The Spirit? Are you… Sand Saref?

EVA: The Spirit? I’m Sand Saref! I start that in just a couple weeks! Yeah.

Q: So are you reading that old comic strip?

EVA: Yeah, I have some. Frank Miller gave me some of the old comics. And I’m excited because I’ve never actually played, like, a real Femme Fatal. And this woman is just, you know, she is just, she would eat you for breakfast. So yeah, I know, it’s kinda fun!

Q: What can you say about your costume?

EVA: Right now we are thinking a very old-meets-new, Rita-Hayward-ish kinda hair. We have a forties feel to some of the outfits and stuff but obviously modernizing Frank Miller’s, you know, lovely insanity. So it will be a nice little mix. But you, that’s what we’re thinking now, and that can at least change once we’re there, it usually does.

Q: Are you going to be red [haired] for this?

EVA: I’m going a little red, but not red-red. Not like, I tried red a few years ago, oh actually for 2 Fast 2 Furious I thought I would do red just to be fun. The worst idea I’ve ever had. Me and Neo, we were like, “yeah, that’s not going to work” “right, yeah, yeah I know, it’s not working.” So we’re not going fully red, we’re doing a little hint of it.

Q: So is Frank Miller, is he co-directing again?

EVA: No he’s directing-directing, yeah, he wrote the script as well.

Q: Are there any of the cast members that you’re excited to work with?

EVA: Yeah, I’m really excited to work with Gabriel Macht. I think he’s exciting and new. And I saw him in, I think it was Love Song For Bobby Long. I don’t know if that’s correct? Is that correct, does anybody know?

Q: Yeah.

EVA: Ok, cool! And I thought he was lovely, I though “why doesn’t this guy work more?” And then he was in The Spirit, and I was like “Oh cool!” And then Scarlett Johansson, who, she’s also going to be in it, and the funny part is I did one of my first jobs, about 8 or 9 years ago, with Scarlett. One of my first acting jobs. And she was, my gosh, she was 14 years old, or 15 years old, and she ran circles around me. I was like “this little girl is gonna be such a star,” because she was just, like, telling me how it is, she was telling me about the business, and I was, you know, a lot older then her, she was just, I loved it.

Q: What [movie] was that?

EVA: You don’t really need to know about that . . . Because… You know… It’s called My Brother The Pig. It’s kinda genius though, because I play her live in babysitter, this college girl that comes in a lives with the family, and I take care of her, but my main responsibility is her little brother who I guess was like 7 or something. Yeah, and through happenstance, I don’t even know, I turn him into a pig accidentally, and we have to go back to Mexico to find my Grandmother who knows how to reverse it. I’m not joking! I am so serious. So yeah.

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