Oct 6th, 2007
Miss Johansson graces the cover of the November 2007 issue of Elle (US edition), which is the ‘Women in Hollywood’ issue. Scarlett is wearing a sexy black and white striped dress.

Hopefully we’ll have some scans soon. If anyone gets to it before the issue hits UK stands, please do not hesitate to send in scans!

3 Comments on “Elle – November 2007

  1. Mycah

    Do you know when the magazine comes out Riikka? I can go pick it up when it does!

  2. Riikka

    I believe it is now out in NYC and LA and I would assume in other cities next week. Thank you! :smile:

  3. Lexyane

    she seems to be “different” lool

    don’t hear from her til a loooooong time!
    Even no papz pics! Hope she is in holiday!

    Can’t wait to see that photoshoot =)

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