Oct 16th, 2007

Miss Johansson attended Elle magazine’s 14th Annual Women in Hollywood party held at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills Hotel yesterday.

Scarlett was one of the women who was toasted for making their mark in the film industry. Diane Lane, Amy Adams, Jennifer Connelly, Kate Bosworth, Julie Taymor and Lauren Bacall were the other six actresses honored.

Here’s a little tidbit from USA Today:

Johansson, 22, was thrilled for the opportunity to catch up with Bacall. “I had to let her know I just got her biography, and I’m about to start reading it.” On her way out, Johansson caught up with Jennifer Beals to make plans to get together for a game night.

The first pictures have been added in the gallery. Scarlett is photographed with former co-stars Topher Grace and Kate Bosworth, among others.

Elle’s 14th Annual Women in Hollywood Event

9 Comments on “Elle’s 14th Annual Women in Hollywood Event

  1. Mycah

    She looks so beautiful, I’m happy to see her out at an event. It feels weird not seeing her out ‘more’, it seems like it’s been so quiet this year. lol.

  2. Buddy

    She looks older than her age and that’s not good – but I still like her.

  3. Bellie

    That is the Scarlett I call a beauty rolemodel :grin: !
    Thanks for the photos and the dedication to your fansites ;smile:

  4. Jennifer

    wow, she looks absolutely stunning! shameless girl crush here, haha. I love the new haircut, it brings out her features and really suits her.

    p.s.: I want those earrings!

  5. dzie vyashu

    She is so beautifull !!! :blush:

  6. Lexyane

    Jennifer Beal!! I ADORE her!
    Kristen Bell was here too! I am sad that Kristen and Scarlett didn’t take a picture together.They are my two favorites actresses EVER! (Veronica Mars forever!)

    But Scarlett in a pic with Jessica (Alba) and Jennifer Beals….my dream comes true!

    What is a “game night”???I am french sorry!:blush:

  7. feeclochette014

    OMG !! So beautiful :wink:

  8. Kharmy

    Game night is when people get together and play games, possibly board games maybe card games that kind of thing.

    *Sighs* Oh Miss Jo, you are so pretty. :cute:

  9. Lexyane

    thank you kharmy!!

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