Oct 29th, 2007

9 Comments on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Kharmy

    lol What the hell?

    Was SJ at a halloween party or something?

  2. Ana

    Okay… It’s gonna sound silly… but I got scared! :secret:

  3. Anthony

    Thank you, Happy Halloween !
    ( I love the pic ! )

  4. crossheart

    Happy Halloween!!
    Have you the second part of the Scarlett’s video in the talk show with Conan O’Brien on 2007? When she’s the guest.

    This part of the video !


  5. mahdi

    I love you

  6. Nafidra Foya

    that’s really colol, and i just logged on to your site and it is amazing! By the way, is it true that scarlett smokes? If so, its a real shame, she is very pretty… :biggrin:

  7. Lexyane

    lool yeah is true!

    Nobody ‘s perfect!

  8. Riikka

    Kharmy: Yes, it is from a Halloween party from 2005. ;)

    crossheart: I did not make a clip of it as Scarlett hardly spoke there. She was just briefly shown while another guest was interviewed.

  9. Bradley

    I saw Scarlett last night at a bar downtown and she was a sper b*tch to me! And some asian chick who was with her said absolutely no pictures and no autographs. What sk*nks! When you’re a celebrity, it should come with the territory, Fans make the celebrity, so you should respect them. Fuck that c*nt!

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