Nov 2nd, 2007

Scarlett Johansson is featured in Let Me In, a new book of photographs by Mario Testino. Thanks to the ever-wonderful Jen, we have high quality scans of it. Enjoy!

Mario Testino – Let Me In (2007)

7 Comments on “Let Me In by Mario Testino

  1. Jennifer

    aww these pictures are totally adorable. I love how Scarlett can pull of bot the glamazon and casual girlie look. rock on girl, and thanks to Jen for the pictures!

  2. emma

    awww!!how cute!!

  3. Marcos

    Scarlett is amazing!
    As always , sorry my bad english…but is the rose photo correct? It is not flipped?

  4. Riikka

    Marcos: No, I don’t think it is flipped as I’ve previously seen it in a magazine exactly like that.

  5. Marcos

    The scan is probably right, but I said this because i think the little mark or spot on ScarlettĀ“s face appears to be on wrong side. perhaps the book had changed

  6. Annu

    Oh, so cute!

  7. Lisa

    The 3rd pic is uber cute! And what a hot fav icon!

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