Nov 20th, 2007

I have decided to look for some donations for There is something extra special that I would love to obtain for the site but I cannot afford it by myself. If you’re a frequent visitor and enjoy the site and want to see it grow, please consider making a donation. All donations will be used to improve the site and no donation will go unrecognized.

If there will be enough donations, I will also try and get a copy of Visionaire for scanning (the new magazine with Scarlett’s ‘nude’ feature). But I am not holding my breath as it is so expensive and I believe nearly sold out. As you may remember, the limited edition (2,500 copies) issue costs a hefty $375 (plus shipping).

To make a donation, please scroll down and click on the PayPal Donate button in the sidebar.

6 Comments on “Looking For Donations

  1. Jennifer

    the pay pal button isn’t working. :(

  2. Annu

    Oh, do you mean this book? Preview pic look amazing. Actually it reminds me little bit that Calvin Klein Eternity moments ad but I think that was shooted by Peter Lindbergh.

    btw PayPol does not work? I only got some error message..

  3. Annu

    Oh, is it this book?
    It reminds me actually little bit that Calvin Klein Eternity Moment ad but it was shooted by Peter Lindbergh, I would remember..

    btw PayPol does not work? I only got some error message.

  4. Riikka

    Annu – Yes, it is that one indeed!

    Thanks for letting me know about PayPal! The fixed link can be seen in the sidebar now.

  5. Jennifer

    hey, I don’t have much money to spend at the moment with christmas coming up and such, but I gave 5 dollars. not much, but many little donations will make a big one too :)

  6. Riikka

    Thanks a lot, Jennifer! I really appreciate it!

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