Dec 11th, 2007

After some technical difficulties, I finally managed to create screencaptures from the special features of The Nanny Diaries DVD. These include the Making Of -featurette, bloopers, menus (with some previously unseen promo shots) and I also replaced the trailer caps with better quality versions. Captures of the movie itself will come later on this week. Happy downloading!

The Nanny Diaries: DVD Screencaptures > Making Of
The Nanny Diaries: DVD Screencaptures > Bloopers
The Nanny Diaries: DVD Screencaptures > Menus
The Nanny Diaries: Trailer

6 Comments on “The Nanny Diaries DVD Features

  1. Caroline.

    It seemed like Scarlett was single-handedly doing all the work in, The Nanny Diaries film, I think Scarlett showed in that film how she can play different characters so well, and how great and diverse her acting is to be able to do that.
    I think that Scarlett was very funny entertaining and cute in that film.
    It is nice to see screencaptures from that film.

  2. Bell

    Yeah,I agree,I think I’m gonna totally enjoy her performance in TND

  3. Alain

    Rikka, thank you again for your great work, keep it going


  4. Meesh

    I love that movie and I love her in it! I totally agree on what Caroline wrote. She shows a whole new character in the movie and that’s just amazing! LOVE IT!

  5. Lisa

    Thanks for the caps, Riikka! :smile:

  6. Angie

    Scarlett does indeed look lovely which makes me want to see the movie all the more – to the point where I may just buy it on DVD first. :)

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