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I’ve finished capping Scarlett’s role as Annie in The Nanny Diaries. No, the film is not a masterpiece but I personally think Scarlett did a decent job and she looks gorgeous in each scene. I love Annie’s outfits and the dark hair – super pretty! Scarlett is pretty much in every frame of the film so I went a little cap crazy and added 2,000+ HQ caps. If you haven’t seen the film, remember that the captures may contain some spoilers. I hope you enjoy!

The Nanny Diaries: DVD Screencaptures

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  1. Caroline. says:

    Thank you for the screencaptures from, The Nanny Diaries.
    I also think that with the dark hair and outfits Scarlett wore for the role of the character in that film, that Scarlett looked very sweet.
    I think Scarlett portrayed the sweet nature of the character she played in that film, really well.

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