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Happy 2008! I am still away until next week but I had a quiet moment and made a quick update as there are some awesome new Johansson goodies to share with you all.

Scarlett Johansson was the special guest at Barack Obama‘s last big rally in Iowa last night. The Obama Campaign avoided publicizing her appearance or involving her in the official program, but she spoke at a separate, small gathering to rally young voters. Here’s more information of her appearance, courtesy of OANmedia.com:

As we followed Barack Obama out of the Marriott Hotel in Coralville, Iowa after a campaign rally on Wednesday, we noticed Scartlett Johansson in the crowd – going in the opposite direction. Being dedicated political journalists, of course we turned and followed Johansson into a conference room, told organizers that we were absolutely invited to be at the press conference with a camera, and got lost in the actress’ smoky voice during her fifteen-minute speech. Johansson is in Iowa supporting Obama, but if she really wants to pull in voters, we suggest she stand at the polls on election day.

I have added three MQ eight HQ sized photos from Scarlett’s appearance. Hopefully more will show up soon! It is certainly good to see her out and about, especially at such an event. Credit for some of the images goes out to OANmedia.com.

An amazing set of new The Other Boleyn Girl stills have surfaced online in HQ and I was able to load them up in the gallery with the help of Mycah and Sandra. Be sure to check these out as they’re really spectacular but please remember that the may contain possible spoilers regarding the movie.

5 Comments to "Obama Rally & TOBG Stills"
  1. Mariana says:

    I so love the stills! I didn’t read Philippa’s book but I’m looking forward to the film. I’ve just recently seen “Anne of the Thousand Days”. Did you see it?

  2. Riikka says:

    Mariana – No, I have not seen it myself. Was it good? :smile:

  3. Mycah says:

    I love all the new stills! I really can’t wait to see two of my favorite ladies on screen together 😀

  4. Maria says:

    Love love love the stills! Also can’t get too excited about the shade of blonde for Scarlett’s hair. It’s perfect!

  5. Caroline. says:

    In the stills you have on your site at the moment of, The Other Boleyn Girl, I think Scarlett’s look in those stills, is an effective look to creating a look of the time that film was set in.

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