Jan 9th, 2008

It looks like John Curran is no longer directoring Mary Queen of Scots. Instead, Phillip Noyce will take on the directing duties and the film is currently on course to start production in April in London and Scotland (yay!). Hopefully there will be no more delays. Here’s a reportage from Variety:

Phillip Noyce is set to direct and Scarlett Johansson to star in Mary Queen of Scots, putting the costumer on course to start production in April.

Drama is a biography of the woman who became Scotland’s queen at 9 months in 1542 and, later, a rival to the English throne. Mary, a Roman Catholic, was imprisoned for many years on charges of plotting to murder Elizabeth I, a Protestant. Elizabeth eventually had her beheaded in 1587.

James McGovern (Crackers) wrote the script, and Melanie Johansson and Alexandra Milchan will produce. The film will be financed by Capitol Films and Relativity.

It will shoot in London and Scotland.

3 Comments on “Noyce Crowned for Mary

  1. Laura

    Oh the film sounds great! I wonder who will play Elizabeth? Thanks for the info!

  2. Steven

    Now it looks like a better film. Phillip Noyce is more accomplished as a director. He’s made some great films ranging from thrillers like “Dead Calm”, action films like “Patriot Games” and “Clear & Present Danger”, and “The Quiet American”. I hope he can direct Scarlett to a performance that we haven’t seen from her.

  3. Kharmy

    well it’s about damn time. i’ve been waiting for this one since it was announced. slackers, let’s get to cracking here Warner Independant!

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