Posted by Riikka on January 12, 2008

Dolly Parton, Jeanne Carmen and Jenna Jameson are not the only celebrities who wish Scarlett would play them in a biopic… Apparently Courtney Love has also handpicked Scarlett to play her in an upcoming film! Here’s a reportage from The Mirror:

When Courtney Love wanted an actress to play her in a film about her rock’n’roll life, the chosen one had to be young, beautiful and fabulous – obviously.

So she’s asked gorgeous Scarlett Johansson to portray her in the new £30million movie about life with tragic rocker husband Kurt Cobain.

And Courtney, who is executive producer on the film, has been raving about Lost In Translation star Scarlett, who she knows from the LA party scene.

But even talented Scarlett will have her work cut out playing car-crash Courtney during her hedonistic years.

Kurt and Courtney’s story is one of rock’n’roll’s most shocking tales of excess: a terrifying cocktail of drugs, arrests, overdose – and Kurt’s tragic suicide in 1994.

The movie Heavier Than Heaven is based on a biography of Kurt written with Courtney’s help.

A close friend says: “Kirsten Dunst was rumoured to be in the frame, but Courtney really admires Scarlett and has already sent the contract out for her to sign. Courtney even copied Scarlett’s sleek blonde movie look when she was in London for the Fashion Rocks party last year.

“This is a labour of love for Courtney and she is putting her heart and soul into making it an accurate, credible glimpse of her life with Kurt.”

And Courtney has also lined up Oscar-nominated Ryan Gosling to play husband Kurt.

Her friend adds: “She wants the best actors to portray them – she will be on set all the time giving Scarlett and Ryan advice on what it was like being one part of the most notorious couples since Sid and Nancy. It will be explosive.”

See you at the premiere, ladies.

6 Responses to “Courtney Love Wants Scarlett”

hmmm I don’t know about this one. maybe it’s because I really can’t stand Courtney Love. and the fact that everyone and their dog wants Scarlett to portray them is starting to annoy me a bit. it seems so vain, like, “oh, she’s gorgeous and very en vogue right now, I want her to be me in this awesome story about MY life”. I reckon there are more suitable projects out there.

btw: LA party scene? huh? I can hardly remember reading anything about Scarlett except what film she’ll do next, which is why I admire her so much. she’s not one of those party girls. *scratches head*

January 13, 2008 at 11:49

I’m not looking forward to a Kurt Cobain bio-pic. Honestly, music bio-pics are becoming stale at the moment with so few new ideas. Scarlett as Courtney might be hilarious but it’s just not going to work.

January 14, 2008 at 19:06

I agree with Jennifer, and Steven, that it is not a good idea. I think Courtney Love will have a hard time trying to get anyone decent to play her in a film.

January 14, 2008 at 20:17
Lianne Martin

Dear Scarlett Johanson,
I think this movie is a fantastic idea.
Its so hard to picture you playing such a different and more agressive role but everyone knows you can pull it off.
I think the movie WILL BE THE movie too see in 2008!
it should be amazing and it would be a totaly different style.
I say go for it girl.
it shall be such a contrast of who you are in real life and i think everyone is DYING to see the outcome.

plus Ryan is a hottie..hahaha


January 15, 2008 at 01:26
Lianne Martin

Plus kurt and courtney where “THE COUPLE” of the 90s, I think it would be an honour be act them out in a film.

but thats just me

thank you for your time.

January 15, 2008 at 01:29

I think Steve Buscemi with no make up and a blonde wig would be a better actor to play courtney.

January 15, 2008 at 21:53


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