Jan 12th, 2008

We have put up a new layout for It was designed by Jess (using Scarlett’s most recent Vogue photoshoot), and coded by Mycah. Thanks so much to both ladies for their great help!

With this design I wanted to go for an Old Hollywood inspired look. Both Scarlett and myself are big fans of the era and these pictures are certainly reminiscent of the days gone by. I also used this cool quote from Woody Allen on Miss Johansson and her extraordinary abilities. The navigation is powered by flash so if you’re experiencing problems seeing it, you will need to install Java or simply navigate through the links on the bottom of the page.

Feel free to leave any comments regarding the new look. All feedback is much appreciated, as per usual.  :smile:

36 Comments on “New Layout!

  1. Mikaela

    OMG! Love the new design! It’s amazing! Jess did a wonderful job, and Mycah too on the coding!

  2. Mariana

    Ooops I realized I didn’t comment it before. I love the new look!!!!!!! Congrats!!!

  3. Caroline.

    I think a quote by Scarlett Johansson would be a good idea for this site because it is a Scarlett Johansson fansite, and I think the best way to sum up Scarlett Johansson would be a quote by Scarlett Johansson about her acting, or her designing or her singing. I am sure all Scarlett Johansson fans would like to read a quote by Scarlett Johansson. It is your site but I am sure there would be a lot of good quotes from Scarlett Johansson that you could find.

  4. Jess

    I love the quote! The quote is amazing: it sums up who Scarlett is, and hey – it might even bring people in to become fans.

    I also like it because it’s a quote by someone very famous who admires this actress. I may be reaching, but what if some directors or people wanting to hire her go to this site and read that quote? It’s pretty much a seller.

    Thank you for the comments :heart: Mycah did a very amazing job coding, everything looks tidy :)

  5. Riikka

    Thanks for all of the comments, everyone. Good or bad, I do appreciate it. :wink:

  6. Christianne

    This is a beautiful girl. So beautiful. I am a raging heterosexual woman, but Scarlett can get me to switch over anytime.

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