Hello and welcome to Scarlett Fan your top site for all things Mrs Scarlett Johansson on the web.

We have put up a new layout for Scarlett-Fan.com. It was designed by Jess (using Scarlett’s most recent Vogue photoshoot), and coded by Mycah. Thanks so much to both ladies for their great help!

With this design I wanted to go for an Old Hollywood inspired look. Both Scarlett and myself are big fans of the era and these pictures are certainly reminiscent of the days gone by. I also used this cool quote from Woody Allen on Miss Johansson and her extraordinary abilities. The navigation is powered by flash so if you’re experiencing problems seeing it, you will need to install Java or simply navigate through the links on the bottom of the page.

Feel free to leave any comments regarding the new look. All feedback is much appreciated, as per usual.  :smile:

36 Comments to "New Layout!"
  1. Mycah says:

    I’ll be the first to comment, Jess did a magnificent job on the designs. This layout is so glamorous and professional. I adore it. :heart: :heart:

  2. Filip says:

    Wow, this looks so neat! Very professional and easy on the eyes. Great job!

  3. Ally says:

    Ooo! I love everything about this :)

  4. Lisa says:

    It’s so pretty! It’s simple yet very effective for a fan site layout. Good one! :biggrin:

  5. Allison says:

    Oh wow, I *really* like this layout!

  6. Sacci says:

    wow! i love the new layout. i love the neat, soft-colored look; very easy on the eyes and so proffessional.

  7. Caroline. says:

    The layout design on this site was much better before, I don’t like this design, this design is not easy on the eyes, it is too bright, I don’t like the colours used, and you can hardly see the writing you type. The colours used don’t highlight the photos on the site well. I don’t think this site is designed well.
    I don’t like Woody Allen, I thought this was Scarlett Johansson’s site, why mention other people on it, I thought, it was for promoting Scarlett Johansson?.
    I don’t think the layout of this site is designed well, I don’t think the Woody Allen quote should be on this site, why is that quote on this site?, I think the designer of this site should have a rethink or get another layout designer for this site.
    Who ever did the previous design that was on this site designed it well and did a good job. I don’t like the new layout for this site.

  8. Riikka says:

    Caroline – I’m sorry you don’t like the layout. I am very pleased with it myself.

    You asked why the quote from Woody is on the site. It is because he is Scarlett’s most frequent collaborator and her favorite director. I thought it was a really nice quote to sum up Scarlett’s talent.

  9. Peewai says:

    It looks very nice, great job! :)

  10. Jordy says:

    I really like this new look! it’s very different but it’s really “Scarlett” Jess did a great job!

  11. Andy says:

    Yay! I like this layout. It’s nice to look at. Though I will admit that that the cream coloured background can make it hard to see what’s been written. And it is a lot of cream. Maybe touches of colour somewhere would help. Just my thought.

    But good work guys!

  12. Jennifer says:

    holy moly, the new layout looks awesome! very classy and elegant, I love it :)

  13. Maria says:

    I love the layout!! And no great graphic would make a great layout without equally amazing coding! So congrats to both designers. Often I am somewhat disappointed coding-wise but I truly love it her! I also love the graphics used in the sidebar!

    p.s. I can read everything just fine – it’s only here in the commenting form that the colors seem to blend a bit too much with the background.

  14. Jess says:

    wooow it’s gorgeous! jess and mycah do the best work :biggrin:

  15. shadedskies says:

    The new layout is awesome Riikka! I think I prefer it over the old one, which was a little too dark to my taste. :smile: I love pastel colours. Thanks to Mycah for the coding part. Great job! *thumbs up* :biggrin:

  16. econchino says:

    nice layout.

  17. Mawi says:

    OMG it is really beautiful ! I love it ! 😎 :heart:

  18. Caroline. says:

    I don’t like the pastel colours on the layout, I don’t think the pastel colours look good or professional on the layout, from the design of the site you can see it is a very professionally designed site, was that by a different designer to the designer who designed the new layout?, it looks like it. I don’t like the new layout. I think the previous layout looked professional, and much better.
    By putting a quote by Woody Allen on this site, did you take into account that Scarlett Johansson fans might not be fans of Woody Allen?. I don’t like Woody Allen.
    It is a Scarlett Johansson fansite.

  19. Riikka says:

    Caroline – This is also *my* site so ultimately it is I who decides what goes here and what does not. I thought the quote from Allen was very nice and fitting so it is now here and stays there. I know I can never please every single fan but as you can see, the majority of the comments here are very positive. You will just have to deal with it or go to another site. 😉

  20. Ally says:

    Caroline, you’re complaining that man fans would be annoyed that there is a quote from Woody Allen, but that quote is ALL about Scarlett! Woody is one of Scarlett’s favorite directors and so I think if she saw this site (which she probably has already), she would absolutely thrilled and thankful that someone has made a layout which includes such a kind and endearing quote.

  21. Scarlett~Beauty says:

    I love the new layout!And I adore the heart in wich it says the name of the site!The pix are awsome and the quote lovely!!Great work! :biggrin:

  22. Mycah says:

    I can understand people having different tastes and liking this layout better or some liking the one I designed before better (thanks, btw for what it’s worth) but I really don’t see what’s the big deal and problem with the Woody quote, I mean it’s not like it’s a quote FROM Scarlett about Woody – I agree with Riikka it sums up the her talent without screaching “OMG She’s the best actress ever, enjoy the site!” like on so many lame-ass introduction/welcomes. I think it’s a clever, and original tocuh 😉 but hey, That’s just my two cents. :upsidedown:

  23. Cristina says:

    OMG!!! It’s beautiful…
    I love it, this design is perfect and
    love effect of menu, congratulations :blush:

  24. Cristina says:

    Really candy for my eyes :heart:

  25. Gel says:

    The new layout looks amazing!

  26. Jennifer says:

    WOW!!! :heart: Amazing new layout, great job! :biggrin:

  27. Kharmy says:

    Woohoo! It’s pretty! Good job Riikka.

  28. Cam says:

    Okay I think that’s really rude to insult other fan sites that use welcome messages, way to make yourself seem so much above everyone else. You would be surprised to know that not everyone knows what type of site they’re on. Its one thing to say that’s not your style but to say its lame-ass is quite rude and it really solidifies to me that you definitely need some humility. Having an amazing fan site doesn’t mean you win at life.

    Its a shame I was quite the fan of your work but to see this it just doesn’t sit well with me. Be nicer, not everyone is at your level. I’m sure you started off with those “lame-ass” welcome messages.

  29. Frederik says:

    Love the new layout! Great work, Jess, Mycah and Riikka :-)

  30. Mycah says:

    In fact I still have those lame ass welcome messages so it’s not like I’m “above” anyone thank you very much – and I was not meaning that ALL are “lame” I was merely saying so many webmasters try to convey that their site is the best or has it all, or theirs say their subjects are “super talented and like the best, omg” (they way the type) in them, which is annoying. I was merely evoking my opinion that the quote was a good idea, even though this is “Scarlett site” like so many pointed out. I felt the Woody Allen quote was a perfect way to sum up Scarlett Johansson to someone who might know her (or days for that matter) in a more original way than a bunch of descriptive words in a welcome. Geez.

  31. Mikaela says:

    OMG! Love the new design! It’s amazing! Jess did a wonderful job, and Mycah too on the coding!

  32. Mariana says:

    Ooops I realized I didn’t comment it before. I love the new look!!!!!!! Congrats!!!

  33. Caroline. says:

    I think a quote by Scarlett Johansson would be a good idea for this site because it is a Scarlett Johansson fansite, and I think the best way to sum up Scarlett Johansson would be a quote by Scarlett Johansson about her acting, or her designing or her singing. I am sure all Scarlett Johansson fans would like to read a quote by Scarlett Johansson. It is your site but I am sure there would be a lot of good quotes from Scarlett Johansson that you could find.

  34. Jess says:

    I love the quote! The quote is amazing: it sums up who Scarlett is, and hey – it might even bring people in to become fans.

    I also like it because it’s a quote by someone very famous who admires this actress. I may be reaching, but what if some directors or people wanting to hire her go to this site and read that quote? It’s pretty much a seller.

    Thank you for the comments :heart: Mycah did a very amazing job coding, everything looks tidy :)

  35. Riikka says:

    Thanks for all of the comments, everyone. Good or bad, I do appreciate it. 😉

  36. Christianne says:

    This is a beautiful girl. So beautiful. I am a raging heterosexual woman, but Scarlett can get me to switch over anytime.

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