Jan 16th, 2008

Brad Renfro, Scarlett’s co-star in Ghost World, was found dead Tuesday in his home. He was 25. I just wanted to take a moment to express my sincere condolences.

Rest in peace, Brad.

8 Comments on “RIP Brad Renfro

  1. nola

    this is so sad, ive just found out… i used to have a big crush on him a few years ago and sure he was very talented… :sad:

  2. Riikka

    Same here. I was a huge fan back in the 1990s and I still enjoyed seeing him in movies and hoped he would be able to make it. I was so shocked to hear this. :sad:

  3. Cristina

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  4. Cristina

    Oh! I had not read. It’s too sad, heartfelt condolences :sad: :O_O: :sad:

  5. Alain

    Sad, very sad to hear of someone passing so young :sad:

  6. Caroline.

    I felt shocked and sad to read this, it is sad to hear about someone dying. I think the people who knew him must be feeling upset about that news.

  7. Maria

    I literally had to remember breathing when I read this! This is shocking. I’ve never been following closely on his career etc but I’ve always liked him.

  8. Sasha

    :O_O: :sad: I was watching “Sleepers” the other day, he was so good in it. And what about “The Cure” (anyone??) I cried in that movie, I was so young when I saw it for first time. Well… REST IN PEACE.

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