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Woody Allen was once again asked about his working relationship with Miss Scarlett in a new interview for MTV Movies. He also states that there is no truth to the New York anthology film. Click on the link for the full interview or simply check out the related quotes here:

MTV: There was a report the other day that said you and Scarlett Johansson are going to be a part of a New York anthology film.

Allen: A complete and total fabrication. Made up like a poem by Coleridge. Completely untrue. It wasn’t even grounded in any conversations or anything.

MTV: It is true, however, that you and Scarlett have a great working relationship. Why do you think you two click?

Allen: She just dropped into my professional life inadvertently. It was supposed to be Kate Winslet in Match Point, and at the last minute she was exhausted and called up and said she wanted to back out of it because she’d been doing movie after movie and wanted to spend time with her child. And I understood that completely. I don’t think movies should be anyone’s top priority. I said, “Sure, no problem.” Of course I was faking it, because it was a problem for us. We were trying to figure out who was available for it, and Scarlett happened to be available. This all happened over one weekend. As soon as I met her, I had a very good rapport with her. She’s very charming, very bright, very amusing. She livens the set up. The minute she walks on the set, the amperage goes up 200 points. She’s a great kid and very talented. She can sing. She can do dramatic things and jokes if you need her to. Whenever there’s a part she could play, she would probably always be my first choice.

MTV: Are there any other actors high on your list at the moment?

Allen: I’ve always wanted to do a film with Reese Witherspoon and Cate Blanchett. They’re two people I’m extremely high on. I’d love to find something I could do with them.

3 Comments to "Woody Talks About Scarlett… Again"
  1. eme says:

    i think its not that he talks about scarlett all the time but he keeps being asked about her on any interview…

  2. Caroline. says:

    Because Woody Allen’s own career and public image are not popular with the press at the moment, maybe that is why he tries to talk about and try to seem to be associated with knowing people who are popular with the press at the moment, but it doesn’t seem to be getting his own current film work or public image popular with the press.
    I think his films seem to be about him and not the actors from what has been written about him in the press. In Woody Allen’s recent films he seems to try to portray woman in an unlberated way which I think would not be popular with a lot of people, his recent films and his public image don’t seem to be popular from what is written in the press.

  3. Anon says:

    Just to let you know that the other boleyn girl will be at the berlin film festival

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