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New York Post posted this piece concerning a cover shoot that Scarlett and Natalie Portman recently did for W magazine. I truly cannot wait to see this editorial! I assume it will appear in the March issue of W. I will keep you posted!

If Natalie Portman looks a little nervous with Scarlett Johansson’s arm around her, it’s probably because she is.

The actresses, who star as rival sisters in the upcoming The Other Boleyn Girl, couldn’t seem more different, Natalie says.

“I get branded a lot as a good girl,” she tells W magazine for a recent cover shoot in Santa Fe, NM.

“I’m like the prude, and you,” she tells Scarlett, “are more sexy, more like . . . ”

“A harlot!” Johansson adds, finishing the thought.

In the film, Portman, 26, and Johansson, 23, vie for the affection of King Henry VIII, played by Eric Bana.

In the interview, Johansson riffs about shooting sex scenes, including one recently for Woody Allen’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona – in which she has a steamy affair with Penelope Cruz and a menage a trois involving Cruz’s real-life boyfriend, Javier Bardem.

“There are 60 people right there, eating, like, salami sandwiches!” Johansson says, adding that Cruz is “so open and funny and cute. I want to bite her when I see her!”

4 Comments to "Scarlett and Natalie in W Magazine Cover!"
  1. Jennifer says:

    oh, now I cannot wait to see this! However, I’d say Natalie is just as sexy, just in a different way.

  2. Sandra says:

    I’m so excited for this issue! I wonder if they will feature multiple covers, though, like they did with Keira Knightley and James McAvoy; one cover featured only Keira, the other both Keira and James. I’m guessing they’ll settle for one cover, but more is merrier. ;)

  3. Caroline. says:

    If she mentioned in that interview the film she filmed last year that was written and directed by Woody Allen, I think as soon a Woody Allen film or Woody Allen was mentioned in the interview that most people would have switched off from listening to that interview.

  4. Chloe says:

    Wow, a W editorial? That’s great news! I love the couple Natalie+Scarlett so I can’t wait to see this :upsidedown:
    Thanks Riikka for the good news :biggrin:

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