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Scarlett did not attend the Brit Awards tonight. So the previous reports of her performing and presenting must have simply been gossip.

4 Comments to "Brit Awards Update"
  1. nola says:

    why is this a surprise¿ she already said in the w interview that she didnt have any plans to perform live so i was not expecting her to attend.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I wasn’t expecting it either, but it would have been nice. oh well

  3. Matea (: says:

    I just saw ”The Other Boleyn Girl Royal London Premiere”. I just wanna say,she looks fantastic. I don’t know who of her two are most beautiful. xx

  4. Caroline. says:

    When you mentioned the music awards on here I thought she would be at that show, because you are usually right about the information on here I think, I know you did say a rumoured presenter though.

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