Apr 29th, 2008

Here is the world premiere of Scarlett Johansson’s first music video to “Falling Down,” off her debut studio album, “Anywhere I Lay My Head”.

The cover song, which has David Bowie also on vocals, is originally on Tom Waits‘ album “Big Time”.

The album is set for release through Atco/Rhino Records on May 20. Watch the music video below or click here to view!

15 Comments on ““Falling Down” Music Video!

  1. Riikka

    Rory, I agree with you as well. You should all join the forum and jump in on the discussions regarding the album and the video. :smile:

  2. Sybilla

    I like it very much. It is very different than what the other stars do, and the clip is beautiful. I think she has a pretty voice, but I find blast that she covers Tom Wait’s voice.

  3. lalalove

    Wow! :O_O: She kinda stinks. She should stick to acting. I was actually looking forward to this, but it’s just…BLAHHHHHHHH! :doh:

  4. Regm

    She´s a great actress but come on, she can´t sing. She has not voice enough.
    Pretty bad and the song is horrible.

  5. JAYE

    I love the video but the song is not that great. I probably will still get the album. :biggrin:

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