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I have a lot of goodies to bring you again today. First of all, Scarlett is in two new commercials for Japan’s Mt. Rainier. It appears that the other commercial is the one we see her shoot in the Falling Down music video (lookie). She sure looks pretty but I find it so hilarious that she’s doing these commercials. Lost in Translation, much? :biggrin: Anyway, I’ve added the two new commercials in the video archive and made caps of them. Massive thanks to Sayuri for these!

I have also added stills of the Pepsi Smash On Location and MySpace Artist on Artist sessions (caps of both coming asap) and some preview scans of Scarlett’s new Nylon cover. Credit goes out to the original scanner for these. I will replace these with original HQ scans once the issue is available to my regular scanning helpers.

– Magazines: Nylon (US) – June/July 2008
– Interviews: MySpace Artist on Artist
– Pepsi Smash On Location: Stills
– Mt. Rainier: Commercial #02
– Mt. Rainier: Commercial #03

3 Comments to "Mt Rainier Update, Nylon Scans & Lots More"
  1. Jennifer says:

    wow. stunning. *drools and is speechless*

  2. JAYE says:

    She is so cute! :smile:

  3. Mycah says:

    I love the Nylon shoot! I particularly adore the make-up and hair. I also love the Pepsi Smash look, truly at her best all natural! Thanks Riikka. :biggrin:

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