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The Spirit character poster for Scarlett Johansson’s Silken Floss has now been released and it is really cool. Her tagline reads: “On your knees then…” :biggrin: Check it and another newly released Sand Saref (Eva Mendes) poster in the gallery.

I also added a New York, I Love You teaser poster, which does not feature Scarlett.

The Spirit: Posters & Covers
New York, I Love You: Posters & Covers

3 Comments to "Silken Floss Poster"
  1. Jennifer says:

    wow I love it! can’t wait to see the movie

  2. Eric says:

    I love it also. I wonder where we will be able to purchase one of these!

  3. 8hu says:

    What is its perfume she wears most often? please i want
    I want to know what is its smell please :heart: i love your site scarlett is my love

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