Jun 30th, 2008

I apologize for the massive lack in updates. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m spending the summer in another country so was without stable internet for a whole month – until now. I have also been very busy with work. I will, however, attempt to start catching up soon. I have so many things to add and many things that I’d like to upgrade and work on during the summer months before I go back to university.

Today I bring you a little update that consists of a couple of new outtakes from the Berlin Film Festival photoshoot taken earlier this year. Enjoy the pretty!

– Photoshoots: Berlin Film Festival

2 Comments on “Berlin Film Festival Photoshoot

  1. sarah

    where are the pictures? it doesn’t work!!
    xx sarah ;)

  2. Riikka

    Just log in to view as usual. :smile:

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