Jul 3rd, 2008

I have now uploaded scans of Scarlett Johansson’s brand new Cosmopolitan (August issue) interview. Big thanks to fan Mayra for providing these scans for us. Happy reading!

– Magazines: Cosmopolitan – August 2008

5 Comments on “Cosmopolitan – August 2008 Scans

  1. Luise

    Wow! Thank you for those scans! She looks amazing! :heart:

  2. Ms. Tapua

    Of Course Scarlett is Sexy you fools. Get Real. She has been for many years now. Good God. Get a clue or what.

  3. Jennifer

    it kind of annoys me how much they photoshopped the cover. as if Scarlett needs it! but the other pictures are great

  4. Ana

    Wow! The photos are great as usual. And I love how humble she is. “Do I look presentable? Do I look sane?” That’s why I’m so proud of being her fan. :heart:

  5. callie


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