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Just a friendly reminder that Scarlett will be on NBC’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight!

We will have a video clip as well as screencaptures of her appearance as soon as possible. However, I am going away for the weekend so if I won’t be able to add it tomorrow morning, it will be added first thing when I get back next week. Thanks for your patience.

5 Comments to "Jay Leno Reminder"
  1. I am watching Scarlett’s 8-8 Jay Leno appearance. She makes a reference to the effect that the pearl necklace shes wearing is real, but doesn’t mention the large white pear-shape stone pendants handing on a seperate gold chain. Were these real diamonds?? I’m the webmaster of famousdiamonds.tripod.com so I tend to notice these things. Thanks

  2. NickyLin says:

    I just watched. I’m pretty sure that those were not real. They would have mentioned them if they were, as well as who loaned them to her etc. Like they do on red carpet interviews.
    what I can’t believe is that they bleeped her for saying “Jesus Christ”. Especially at that late hour.
    She was so funny and charming. :heart:

  3. William says:

    You can download the episode here:


  4. Andy says:

    :) Good interview! Scarlett’s dress was very sexy and she was really funny! I have a few salami jokes myself….. What’s her new fantasy now the car one is ‘tame?’ I wanna know!!

  5. Tinker Bell says:

    I just watched it on you tube. Scarlett is so sweet. She looks awsome in this dress, her haistyle is great and it’s lovely to watch her. She seems to be so relaxed and if she just feels comfortable being at the show. That’s why it is so great and charming to listen to her joking and laughing. :smile:

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