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This post is a bit off-topic but I figured some of you may be interested. As you may know, Scarlett’s older sister Vanessa Johansson is also an actress. One of her upcoming movies is Sharks in Venice, which will be available in the US on January 27, 2009. Here is the synosis and trailer of the movie.

Traveling to Venice to investigate the mysterious death of his father, David, a famous archaeologist and diver, unearths a killer secret that lies beneath the Venetian waters. When a ruthless mob boss discovers his findings and kidnaps his girlfriend, David must brave the dangerous, shark-infested waters once again to recover the treasure and rescue his girlfriend. A dark and mysterious chase ensues and secrets are revealed in this sci-fi thriller.

7 Comments to "Sharks in Venice Headed to DVD"
  1. Dalila says:

    It can’t be true.I live in Spain and saw this movie on TV last Saturday.How can it be released in US now?? I don’t understand

  2. Riikka says:

    That’s odd! How was the movie?

  3. Dalila says:

    It was good,I liked it because Scarlett’S sister was in the cast. It is not the best movie but it’s nt bad at all =)

  4. lolo says:

    horrible movie
    plus, it’s a movie direct-to-dvd, that means everything …

  5. Mycah says:

    It’s not that unbelievable to me as I watched the film “Highway Men” on TV for it’s world premiere on the same date as it’s actual premiere…. I was pretty pissed considering the film sucked and I could have saved my money renting haha!

    Anyways thanks for the news!

  6. ScarlettSkies says:

    This looks like a terrible deja vu film..However, Scarlett’s sister is gorgeous. :smile:

  7. uy707 says:

    – good to hear of Vanessa, so it’s not so off-topic
    – definitely more terrifying man eating white sharks, even though those ones made a change by relocating somewhere in the Adriatic Sea after a long swin across the Seven Seas and counting 😉
    Seeing Vanessa acting her part in more, and more interesting work would be good

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