Nov 18th, 2008

Photos have now been released from Scarlett’s new Allure photoshoot and let me tell you, she looks absolutely stunning whilst channeling Brigitte Bardot.

– Photoshoots: Allure

8 Comments on “Allure 2008 Photoshoot

  1. Andy

    WOW!!!!! She looks incredible!!! Maybe her best photoshoot ever!! (Well I say so) Very nice. Only thing is though is they aren’t very big. Will there be bigger versions coming? Also it’s too bad that bald guy is in so many shots.

  2. Riikka

    Bigger versions are coming once the magazine is out and we get some scans. :biggrin:

  3. Yuan

    Scarlett looks phenomenal in this photoshoot! Her hair is so beautiful.

  4. Natalie

    I love her hair in the 4th pic. ( the one where she is texting on her phone) Does anyone know how to style your hair like that? i know that it is with volume spray but how to style it to make it have that lift? enough rambling.. scarlett looks HOT!!!!!

  5. Sheeda

    Wow, she looks gorgeous in the photo shoot! Can’t wait for the scans! :)

  6. Anthony

    It’s a beautiful photoshoot !

  7. Tinker Bell

    Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery nice pics *g*

    By the way:

    Happy birthday to Scarlett ;)

  8. Sandra

    Holy smokes! What a _stunning_ photoshoot! I am absolutely in love with the close-up of Scarlett’s face — gorgeous. Thanks for posting!

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