Nov 22nd, 2008

Scarlett Johansson celebrates her 24th birthday. On behalf of all of the fans, we would like to send out congratulations to our favorite star. We hope you will have a magical day spent among the ones you love. May all your wishes come true!

10 Comments on “Happy Birthday Scarlett!

  1. SERCH.

    Scarlett I love u,
    super happy birthday!
    I hope u have a happy day.

  2. Andy

    Happy B’day Scarlett!!!!!!

  3. Lars

    Happy Birthday sweet :heart:

  4. Nicholas89Sj

    Scarlett Johansson Happy Birthday my only Dream!!!! From Italy!!! Milan.
    Please please…i need you…i love you…please… Spero un giorno di realizzare il mio sogno, vorrei solo incontrare i tuoi occhi una volta nella vita…please…I JUST CAN’T STOP LOVING YOU!!!!!!

  5. roberta

    Happy Birthday Scarlett from Brazil :smile:

  6. Dalila

    Feliz CumpleaƱos Scarlett!

    Happy Birthday From Barcelona!

  7. Alex

    A big hug from me
    Wish you happiness and all that you want

    Happy B-Day Scarlett …my fav person in Holywood
    Love you Alex -Romania

  8. Sandra

    I hadn’t realized Scarlett was only 24! The things she has accomplished at her young age! Congratulations, Scarlett.

  9. Melissa

    Happy Birthday Scarlett!!!!

  10. Kharmatos

    Happy Barfday, Dear sweet MISS Jo!


    Hope she did something fun.

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