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There is some new things with The Spirit that have recently debuted. For starters we have the final theatrical poster, a new TV spot and the official site updated with some things and I added this stuff to the gallery. Riikka also scanned the Christmas Total Film special as promised.

And last night during Entertainment Tonight they showed a condensed new trailer for He’s Just Not That Into You which featured a couple of brief new shots of Scarlett. Lastly I have added temporary scans from Allure by ‘kroqjock’. There is only photos here, but I’ll pick up the magazine when it’s available here and make full article scans and all.

– Magazine Scans: Total Film (UK) – Christmas 2008
– Magazine Scans: Allure (US) – December 2008
The Spirit: TV Spot
The Spirit: Desktops from the Official Site
The Spirit: Official Website
– News Segments: ET – November 25, 2008

6 Comments to "The Spirit, HJNTIY and Allure Gallery Updates"
  1. rope says:

    hey! i’m registered on the gallery as scarlett_style and i can’t see some of the updates because it asks me for a password!

    thanks for the updates!

  2. rope says:

    oh, and please can you leave a link where we can see that he’s just not that into you new clip¿

    thanks again!

  3. fd says:

    Very nice, but the link to the wallpapers doesn’t seem to be working (asks for a password, but i’m already logged in?)

  4. Mycah says:

    Sorry guys, some of the albums accidentally were locked. I’ve fixed it now :)

    The full new trailer is online here:

  5. ScarlettSkies says:

    Mycah, some of the forum members are still having issues seeing the albums. Have you unlocked them all?

  6. Andy says:

    Wow she looks stunning in those Alure photos!Very SEXY!! Cutos to the photographer.

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