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Today there was a photocall for The Spirit held in Madrid, Spain and Scarlett was in attendance along with The Spirit’s other beautiful ladies; Paz Vega and Eva Mendes. Scarlett is rockin’ some new tresses, I think she looks so stunning!

– Public Events: The Spirit Madrid Photocall

6 Comments to "The Spirit Madrid Photocall"
  1. rope says:

    mycah do you think that there will be any premiere tonight? gosh i live in madrid and i had no idea about this!! any help would be great!

  2. Tinker Bell says:

    Not only new tresses, but also a new haircolour! I like Scarlett in blond more, but she looks so, so cute with this light brown!

  3. scarlettfan{ro} says:

    OH MY GOD…why she changed her beautiful blond hair ….she looks nice ..but i;m a little upset . :biggrin:

  4. Anthony says:

    Great, Scarlett looks fabulous.
    It’s a little bit a Lauren Bacallish style.
    I love it (l)

  5. Mycah says:


    There is a good chance of a premiere, most of the time when there is photo calls, premieres normally do follow, however I found no other information. I checked out some popular premiere places for Spain that follow photo calls, and I wasn’t able to find anything about The Spirit.

    A popular venue for a Madrid premieres is Capitol cinema, that would probably be your best bet. You could go there or possibly call. http://www.cinesa.es/

  6. Nicholas89Sj says:

    I love you Scarlett!!!! INIMITABILE!!! Vieni in Italia ti prego!!! Sei magnifica sempre…bionda o no…! By Nicholas from Milan.

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