Dec 11th, 2008

I have updated the gallery with just a few, but tresurable photoshoot pics of Scarlett. These include InStyle, an unknown image and for L’Oreal.

I also made 180 captures from the Cliff Watts motion picture video Scarlett was photographed for in 2005 (for Cosmopolitan). Although this is not ‘new’ it’s absolutely, hands down one of my favorite Scarlett videos ever. She looks so amazing in this and her expressions are down right adorable! She would have made some silent film star back in the days if you ask me! Happy viewing!

– Photoshoots: Unknown
– Photoshoots: InStyle
– Photoshoots: Cosmopolitian (Behind the Scenes)
– L’Oreal: Print Ads
– L’Oreal: Photoshoot

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Semplicemente…My Angel…I love you Girl :heart: :sad:


Wow! So gorgeous! Thanks for these. :heart:


Hands down is right! She never stops amazing me with her beauty and again she has done just that. That cosmo shoot is the sexiest thing I have EVER seen!!!!

Oh, Scarlett <3 (I love Cosmo’s shoots)

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