Dec 11th, 2008

As said yesterday Scarlett was attending the The 2008 Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo, Norway today. She was a co-presenter with Sir Michael Caine. She also attended the press conference earlier. At the conference Scarlett went with minimal makeup, always a wise choice to accent her beautiful face, an animal print top and skirt. She really looked classy but still young and fresh. Whilst at the concert she wore a purple dress and her hair pulled back. Another stunning look! I’ve added photos from both of these events, enjoy!

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– Public Events: The 2008 Nobel Peace Prize Concert – Press Conference
– Public Events: The Norwegian Nobel Committee’s Banquet

One thought on “The 2008 Nobel Peace Prize Concert & Press Conference

  1. LeeValo

    Waaah, Scarlett with Michael :heart: !
    She’s adorable <3!

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