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The Spirit made a poor debut at #9. The film earned $6.5 million over the weekend and $10.4 million for the four days.

Topping the list was 20th Century Fox’s Marley & Me, which earned an estimated $37 million. The dramedy, based on John Grogan’s best-seller, set a new Christmas Day record with $14.7 million on Thursday, surpassing 2001’s Ali ($10.2 million) – a record also broken by fellow newcomers The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ($12 million) and Bedtime Stories ($10.5 million).

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I actually went out and saw the film myself and personally was disappointed. I can see why Scarlett would want to do the film as it does have some very cool female lead characters and visual style but still it just wasn’t enough. She did have had some wicked cool costumes, lines and a memorable entrance so worthy of Johansson fans to see, but all in all the movie didn’t live up to my own expectations. Feel free to discuss your own thoughts on the movie in the forum!

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  1. Steven says:

    It sucked because Frank Miller tried to take Will Eisner’s comics and remake it into Sin City 2.

    Eisner’s comics had wit while Miller’s didn’t.

    I haven’t seen the film and probably never will because I can’t waste my time watching filth. I knew it wasn’t going to be good given that it was PG-13 instead of an R rating. It strayed way too far from the original comic. Miller was too much about style over substance and the actors weren’t given anything to do.

    For Scarlett, it’s just another role that didn’t work for her. In fact, she really has gone into a creative downward spiral. She was just there based on sex appeal with critics now wondering that whether she really had acting skills or not.

    I think somewhere between Girl with a Pearl Earring and the Island, she lost all of that. I finally gave up on her after Vicky Cristina Barcelona. She had a character that was interesting but her performance was so lifeless. She didn’t do anything at all but stare around, be sexy, and make silly comments.

    That’s not acting. I thought she was better than this but I was wrong. I used to frequent at this forum but left because I lost interest and was annoyed by a lot of people.

    I wrote an essay to celebrate the fifth-anniversary of Lost in Translation last Sep. which remains my all-time favorite film.

    I watch her performance in that film with a lot of sadness because she had a lot of promise to become a serious, credible young actress and she blew it.

    If she wants to be a tease, get more attention for her sex appeal, be politically-stupid, make mediocre records, and crap films. Fine.

    I’m not there. I’m gone…

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