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I just noticed that Scarlett’s The Early Show appearance from earlier this month was never posted so you can now check it out under the cut. I’ve also made screencaps of the video. Scarlett looked really beautiful with her dark red hair.

I’ve added some other pending images in the gallery, mainly screencaps from her 2008 interviews, so please click on the last uploads link to view them all.

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7 Comments to "The Early Show – February 3, 2009"
  1. Nicholas89Sj says:

    Sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet my dream…..

  2. LeeValo says:

    I love her dark red hair <3!
    (There is a new article of Scarlett on Marie Claire – March Italia!)

  3. Riikka says:

    LeeValo, would you be able to provide scans of that by any chance? :grin:

  4. LeeValo says:

    I will make the scans tomorrow! (Sorry, forgive my horrible english >\\\<)

  5. Riikka says:

    Thanks very much! :)

  6. Angie says:

    I also picked up Marie Claire (US) and there’s a 2 page feature on RED & Scarlett – scans coming up!

  7. Tinker Bell says:

    Talking about scans: I could offer some of new German magazines at the end of the week, if you want them.

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