May 22nd, 2009

Back in 1997 I stayed up way too late one night to watch a quirky little independent movie on one of the cable movie channels.  A little girl named Scarlett Johansson was in it and I thought she was so amazing in the movie.  That movie was Manny & Lo and from that night on, I was a fan.  I hadn’t seen the movie in awhile but I watched it as I screencapped it and it’s still very quirky and Scarlett is still amazing in it (and how adorable was she?!).  I’ve added nearly 1000 captures to the gallery and this means that we now have DVD quality screencaptures of all available Scarlett movies!  Any votes on what I should work on next for the gallery?

- Manny & Lo: DVD Screencaptures
- Manny & Lo: DVD Screencaptures > Menus

8 Comments on “‘Manny & Lo’ DVD screencaptures

  1. Alison

    Wow! I’ve always wanted to see that movie… You’re doing an amazing job with the site Lisa, its great to see all of the updates (: Also, to let you know, the forum seems to be down.. It could be my computer though..

  2. Lisa

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the updates! I know I’m having fun making them :biggrin:

    The forum is down for me too. Riikka is keeping control of that domain so I expect she will look into the issue asap.

  3. Hannah

    The forum is down for me too.

  4. Marie

    I love all the screencaptures! I love what you have done so far for the site. I hope you continue to do many amazing things.

    One request:

    Please please please change the site layout. Its been up for…..forever. :cool:

  5. LeeValo

    Great job, Lisa <3

  6. Lisa

    @ Marie – A new layout is in the works and will probably debut in August to celebrate the site being online for eight years.

  7. ROBY

    Thank you LIsa for all the screencaptures…they are beautiful!!!!! :smile:
    For the gallery you can upload some movie posters that aren’t in it.
    Or you can create a page dedicated to the new Scarlett’s project: Iron Man 2.
    Howhever, thank you for everything!

  8. ROBY

    PS: Sorry for my English. :biggrin:

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